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There are a number of materials used throughout the automotive industry such as silicones, conformal coatings, contact lubricants, encapsulation resins, thermal interface materials and PCB cleaners. A multitude of switches, connectors, sensors and electronics inside the cabin, under the hood and outside are exposed to changes in temperatures, humidity, condensation, pollutants, and liquids.More


For automotive manufacturers to be competitive - meeting consumer demands for providing safe, reliable, hard wearing, good quality and efficient vehicles - the exposed components are required to be protected by the most innovative and durable materials.
Chiltern Connections supplies Electrolube,ACC Silicones and Shin-Etsu Silicones products, providing solutions to the automotive industry in the UK and beyond.
Listed below are some of the interior, lighting, under-hood and exterior applications with examples of materials used within the automotive industry, supplied by Chiltern Connections. For more information about Automotive applications, why not Contact Us with your query or have a look at the product manufacturer's technical articles here

Materials Used In Automotives

Products Manufacturer Description Features Product Applications
2K500 Electrolube Two-part polyurethane conformal coating system Excellent thermal shock performance. LED lighting
AFA Electrolube Acrylic conformal coating Excellent protection in humid environments. Ideal for LED applications. UL746 Approved LED lighting
AS1802 ACC Silicones Silicone RTV grey self levelling Neutral cure, thermally conductive to 2.3W/mK Heat transfer in power steering / petrol fuel injection unit
AS1810 ACC Silicones Silicone RTV black paste Tested for diesel fuel resistance standard and new bio-diesel Sealing diesel fuel control
AS1421 ACC Silicones Heat Cured 1-Part Thermally conductive 2.1W/mK Sealing ABS control unit
CG70 Electrolube Contact Lubricant Exceptional performance at low temperatures (down to-55°C) Window switches / dashboard controls
CG71 Electrolube Contact lubricant Consistently low mV drop. Exceptional oxidation stability and high-temperature silver and copper corrosion protection. Steering wheel controls & switches / dashboard controls
CO70 Electrolube Contact Oil Exceptional performance at low temperatures (down to-55°C) Slip ring devices
DCA Electrolube Modified silicone conformal coating Excellent chemical and solvent resistance when heat cured (MOD) DEF-STAN 59/47 Issue 4, and Underwriters Laboratories UL746CQMJU2. Dashboard electronics
EGel3002 ACC Silicones Silicone gel Balanced viscosity and fast cure speed. Fast degas and cure,No bleed in component Improved productivity Potting rectifier
HTCP Electrolube Contact Oil Exceptional performance at low temperatures (down to-55°C) Amplifiers
HTCX Electrolube White, blend of synthetic fluids Very low oil bleed and evaporation weight loss. Excellent non-creep characteristics. Excellent thermal conductivity: 1.35 W/m.K Dashboard electronics / power steering heat transfer
LTC Electrolube Fast drying, modified synthetic rubber conformal coating Maintains excellent mechanical and dielectric properties over a wide temperature range, especially after thermal shock testing Dashboard Electronics
QSil553 ACC Silicones Silicone Encapsulant Thermally conductive to 0.68W/mK and UL94 V-0 approved ABS sensors
QGel331 ACC Silicones Silicone blue gel Low viscosity low volatile <10ppm Flame retardant UL94 HB Potting fan control
QGel330 ACC Silicones
Silicone gel Low viscosity low volatile, flame retardant, good physicals Potting ignition coil
SPG Electrolube Synthetic grease Exceptional performance at low temperatures (down to-55°C) Cup holders/ grip Handles. Mirror adjustments.


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