Chiltern Connections distribute globally
oil & gas industry
Chiltern Connections supplies an array of materials for use in the oil & gas industry. From polyurethane resins to conformal coating electronic assemblies that are required to withstand harsh and challenging environments.
wearable technologies
Chiltern Connections supplies materials such as conformal coatings, thermal management and encapsulation resins to provide protection and product durability in this rapidly growing market.
At Chiltern Connections we supply materials such as encapsulation resins, thermal pastes, PCB cleaners and provide conformal coating services in order to protect PCBs from moisture, vibration, physical shock and thermal changes.
Chiltern Connections supplies materials and conformal coating services to protect electronics from harsh and challenging environments faced by the defence industry.
Chiltern Connections thermal management products, bonding and silicone materials offer solutions for greater efficiency in the renewable energy sector.
LED and lighting
Chiltern Connections has assembled a finely tuned range of materials aimed at providing LED systems engineers, designers and manufacturers with the right solutions for all their LED encapsulant, potting and environmental protection requirements.
From heat transfer compounds used in steering, to contact greases applied in central locking systems. Design engineers can be confident they choose the most effective material to use on their innovative designs by talking to our Technical Managers.