Chiltern Connections

All of the videos used on this site are listed below.

AFA Aromatic Free Acrylic Conformal Coating
AFA F Aromatic Free Acrylic Coating Film Coat
AFA S Aromatic Free Acrylic Coating  Spray Coat
AS1524 SPV
AS1740 SPV
AS1802 SPV
AS1803 SPV
Carolyn Taylor, Technical Sales Engineer, Electrolube at Productronica 2017
Cleaning Menda Pump Dispensers
Connecting your Wristband to an EBP Bar
Contactless Test Switch for Wrist Strap and ESD Footwear Testers
Desco Digital Surface Resistance Meter - Operations
Desco Europe - ANSI/ESD Bag Test - Pink Poly VS Shielding Bags
Desco Europe - Body Voltage Meter
Desco Europe - Menda 35250 Wire Threader
Desco Europe - Menda HDPE DurAstatic® Bottle - Volume Resistance Test
Desco Europe - Wave Distortion Technology Demonstration
Digital Static Field Meter / Ion Test Kit
Electrolube - Enhanced protection for enhanced PCB performance
Electrolube Conformal Coating
Electrolube Electronics and General Purpose Cleaning
Electrolube Resin Mixing Instructions
Electrolube Thermal Management
Electrolube – Thermal Management Solutions – created to perform when the heat is on
Electrolube's Two-Part Conformal Coating -  2K100
EMIT Glove Test Fixture
EMIT SmartLog Pro® with Proximity and Barcode Readers
ESD Safe Blue Nylon Probe/Spudger | Avoid Damaging Electronics with Static Discharge
FLU Fluxclene
How Vermason Shielding Bubble Bags are manufactured
MENDA 'Black-Stick' Nylon Probe/Spudger | Repair Phones/Electronics
Menda - durAstatic® Spray Bottles
Menda - durAstatic® Wash Bottles
Menda - HDPE durAstatic® Bottle - Volume Resistance Test
Menda ESD Brushes
MENDA ESD Safe Wood Probe/Spudger | Avoid Damaging Electronics with Static Discharge
Menda One-Touch & Pure-Touch Bottle Pump Comparison
Menda – durAstatic® Cone Top Bottles
PPK Turntable
Protektive Pak Board Handler Stacking Trays
Protektive Pak Pro Mat
Protektive Pak Small Component Shipper
Protektive Pak Sub Bin Boxes
Protektive Pak Third Party Material Testing
QSil553 SPV
ROC Reflow Oven Cleaner
SCS - EM Aware Monitor - Triangulation Demonstration
SCS 724 Workstation Monitor: Installation and Operation
SCS EM Eye - ESD Event Meter - Product Walkthrough
SCS Iron Man® Plus Workstation Monitor
SCS Static Management Program  Product Overview
Shin-Etsu Silicone: The Key to a Better Tomorrow
Silcotherm SE3000 Silicone Encapsulant SPV
SWAT Safewash Total
SWAX Safewash Extra
Technical Enquiry - Cleaning
Tronex - Oval & Taper Head Cutting Edge Finishes
Two-Point Resistance Probe
ULS Ultrasolve
UVCL - UV Cure Conformal Coating
Vermason Analogue Surface Resistance Tester
Vermason Digital Surface Resistance Meter
Vermason High-Speed/High-Accuracy Tester Series
Vermason Surface Resistance Checker
Wescorp Clear ESD Cellulose Tape
Why Use Ionisers?