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Chiltern Connections is an official distributor of TBA Protective Solutions ESD products.
We offer full technical support and advice on all our ESD products to assist our clients in making the correct choice for their specific applications.

Our ESD Range includes the following but can also be entirely bespoke to suit your application:


Product TypeProduct Category
GroundingWrist Straps
 Ground Cords
 Grounding Heel Straps
BondingBonding Plugs
 Earth Reference Plates
 Earth Bonding Points
Test InstrumentsSystem Checkers
 Foot Plate
 Surface Resistance Meters
StorageConductive Boxes
 Conductive Trays
Workstation KitsConductive Bench Mats
 Conductive Floor Mats
 Conductive Tweezers
 Field Service Kits

How can we help?

Chiltern Connections provides a comprehensive range of high-quality products and services used in a number of different industries worldwide. We take pride in our service by providing full technical support and advice before and after sales.

Why not give us a try today and benefit from the value Chiltern Connections can bring to your business?

New Products Coming Soon!

Watch out for our Electrically Conducting Polymer range coming soon!

This will consist of:

  1. Conductive Polymers
  2. Static Dissipative Compounds
  3. Shielding Polymers
  4. Magnetically Detectable Polymers

If you would like any information in the meantime, please Contact Us and our tehnical team will be more than happy to help.